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The One Project - Global Transformation Projects

The One Project is also a network to promote enlightened and benevolent projects that are working towards global transformation, sustainability and shared community based on a common good, the sharing of know-how:


The One World Youth Project - connecting schools for collaborative learning and community service.

The One Village Project - community of youth leaders inspired to serve in the world (Amala Foundation).

Find-Our-Community - connecting communities across the world.

TED.com - spreading ideas: the rise of collaboration.

One Planet Living - demonstrating a sustainable future through real-life projects.

One.org - advocacy to eliminate poverty and disease.

One Difference - not for profit trading to fund humanitarian projects.

One World Trust - global advocacy for accountability and order that benefits all people.

No-Burn - campaign for a just, toxic-free world without incineration.



www.110011.org / www.the-one-project.net