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The One Project - Verse


Inspired verse, for transformation and enlightenment....


The Father is preparing by His own will

A disciplined people, whom He can fill

With the glory of His presence, His 'I Am'

Ascending Zion's mountain with the Lamb.


His Book of Life, filled with grace,

Holding forth the Word of Life, to embrace

The whole of this creation until the Light

Has illumined every man. No more night.



I have got what this is all about,

The way it's meant to be:

At One with all upon this Earth,

Enough of you and me.



Gold for heaven,

Red for earth

And purple to unite;

Blue for soul,

Green for growth,

And all and One is Light.



If we only could

Live as we should,

In God’s own loving way;

Neither wrong nor right,

Neither black nor white,

Just differing shades of gray.



If I am no thing,

And you are no thing,

We can be anything we want.

If I am no thing,

And you are no thing,

Then we can have no limit.

If we are something,

And we have no limit,

We can create anything we want.

And be, as One.



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