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The One Project - Shared Global Values

Values of the common good are like foundations: without them the edifice will fall.


The key to the transformation of Human Consciousness, the second coming, is the manifestation of shared values across the world, across all cultures, faiths and belief systems of the common good, the values of love.

Shared 'words', the Words of the Father, are the key to creation of global values, leading to the intention of positive thinking (see: Your Wise Brain - Taking in the Good), creating benevolent outcomes for all life on Earth.


The intended shared values are:

Collaboration - sharing with others; not focused on one-self.

Constructiveness - creating with others and for others.

Benevolence - giving, including thoughts and actions for the benefit of others.


Shared values are essential because Technology (know-how) has no intrinsically common values (see The New Model). These shared global values also form a virtuous circle.


The shared values manifest broader virtues to live by, for one-self, and across all communities, societies and organizations:

Commitment - Purpose and resilience towards collaborative, constructive and benevolent goals.

Integrity - Keeping shared values; creating continuity and trust; honouring your word.

Passion - The motivation to achieve constructive and benevolent outcomes.

Compassion - Feeling for and empathizing with others; how others might be impacted by our thoughts and actions.

Excellence - Achievement of true collaborative Human potential, without limitation, fear or constraint.


Organizations and their leaders can adopt these values and virtues within the following value statements:

People - Focus on human beings and their needs, not self-centric wants; leaders serving followers.

Sociological - Inclusion of everyone regardless of where or how they live.

Economic - Non-exploitative access to resources for personal and collective growth.

Environmental - Sustainable use of the world and its resources; respect for all things.

Technological - Collaborative sharing of know-how to benefit all life, underpinned by shared values.

Political - All people represented in equal measure.

Value systems - Giving and sharing in all thoughts and actions; personal and organizational collaboration.


Each of these is self-reinforcing as part of a collaborative, constructive and benevolent virtuous circle.


The meaning of values and virtues (i.e. how the values and virtues work):

• Virtue (Latin virtus) is moral excellence.

Virtues can be placed into a broader context of values.

• A virtue is a character trait or quality valued as being always good in and of itself.

Personal virtues are characteristics valued as promoting individual and collective well being, e.g. Collaboration.

Integrity in the application of a value ensures its continuity. This continuity separates a value from beliefs, opinions and ideas, which are transient facts that exist culturally, and for a limited period of time.

• In this context, a value is the core from which Human Beings operate or react, to ensure continued survival on Earth.

• Continued with Integrity, there can be no limit to the constructive and benevolent Excellence of Human Beings.


The value of Excellence has no limits. Breaking through personal limitations (breakdowns and breakthroughs), basically perceptions within the mind of what can and cannot be done in the here and now, are the essence of understanding and the path to transformational knowledge. If you think you can or you think you can't, you are probably right.

This can be understood as follows: Change works on something (i.e. 'form') that already exists; conversely, transformation (literally 'across the form') is unconstrained, working on unlimited creation and possibility. True excellence, without mind constraint, is therefore transformational, inspirational and enlightening - helping to find the true way to being Human.


How Excellence works

Space (only The One can create this) is the room for creation.....

1) Working from a nothing baseline (words cannot describe no thing, therefore no words stop us starting) the space is maximized from the lowest possible level imaginable. No words we can use can define or constrain this in the mind. Therefore, we can always start and restart with nothing, from nothing.

2) We cannot think beyond infinity. Therefore space is also maximized to infinity, because there is no limiting ceiling on what we can think or achieve together, i.e. by Collaboration.

3) Starting and continuing something of value (i.e. constructing) within this newly created space between nothing and infinity, there is no limit to what Human Beings can achieve from wherever we start or to wherever we want to be. Space is limitless, literally filled with the possibility of creation. That is the value of Excellence.

Combined with the values of Constructiveness and Benevolence, Excellence forms a virtuous circle because construction and creation within unlimited space is never ending.

Put simply, everything and anything is possible, regardless of how difficult Human Beings might think it to be. The starting point is to consider what it is to be Human - what is real and will be of lasting value.


How the shared values work as a sustainable truth

• In Collaboration, I am present in the here and now because I am not focused on the self.

• In Constructiveness, I am present in the here and now because I am focused on creation and creating.

• In Benevolence, I am present in the here and now because I am giving, which is not for the self and creating also for others.

These values form a virtuous circle, creating increased Collaboration and growing into a way of Being without limit or constraint.


Individual chapters on the shared values, and virtues, can be found in The Book of Life.


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