Why do we need the Transformation of Human Consciousness?

The world’s current situation is not new. Sovereign and institutional power and greed precipitated the 1914-18 Great War, and by previous standards, on a massive scale. The institutional game was to compete for and control as much of the world’s resources as possible.

Does this sound familiar? (See The Story of Stuff for the modern day problem and equivalent).

Worldwide economic depression followed, with social disruption and deprivation on a global scale never before seen. Soon after the Great Depression, factors such as competing ideology (proposed solutions to solve the problems) eventually manifested in further conflict, including Spain as a Civil War, developing much of the technology for future conflicts including The Second World War.

A third conflict is unthinkable – Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and regional conflict in Africa are bad enough.

In addition, Human Beings have exploited the Earth to a level that is no longer sustainable. This is neither constructive for the majority of people (the have not’s) nor benevolent for other species (which have been disappearing at an alarming rate). The world’s increasingly unstable weather patterns are further evidence of this over-exploitation.

If there are continued increases in carbon-dioxide from future ‘economic growth’, which is a literary non-sense, Human and animal life will become unsustainable. Click here for the reasons why.

Technology is know-how. Technology in itself is neither bad nor good: electricity can be used to either kill people or make toast.

There is also a technology of leadership. We need to follow true leaders, those who serve followers; those who are constructive and benevolent; those who collaborate with other communities to create peace, nationally and internationally; those who are sustainable as leaders. These are the brave ones, those that are truly worthy to follow. As we know, the others would never risk their own lives first.

There have been many chances for Human Beings to ‘fix’ these problems and none have worked, nor will ever work, because of leadership disconnection, our own separation and a lack of connected value, based on low level greed and a high level of corruption. We need leaders and followers of value who understand this and who are prepared to serve from the front. We need to eliminate personal greed and support those with value.

The time is now for the Transformation of Human Consciousness, through shared global values.

The primary connecting value is Collaboration.

This model shows the process, and the Way to the Transformation of Human Consciousness:

(1) In the current world we teach our children to compete. There is nothing wrong with competing provided it has value to Excel as an individual without separation, much like the Olympic ideal to compete with others. This has nothing to do with ‘outdoing’ someone else. Competing with others is therefore conceptually no different to collaborating with others to Excel.

The problem comes when we start to compete against others and it then becomes a way of doing, i.e. competing (2), that eventually manifests itself as competition (3), and ultimately a wider separation from others. This way of being often becomes justified, but the outcome is often control, greed and corruption.

An alternative way of being is through the holistic desire to Collaborate. Collaboration restarts very simply, through the conscious thinking in our minds, and yet this value is not new to us as a species.

Human Beings have always survived and evolved through adverse environmental conditions by collaborating and sharing through community. The difference is that communities are now global and highly inter-dependent.

The miracle is this: to restart collaborating and sharing without separation will yield extraordinary results. Doing for others then becomes the new way of Being, resulting in the Transformation of Human consciousness, with all Human Beings sharing, giving and jointly benefiting from the outcome.

There are individual Chapters on Collaboration and Transformation in The Book of Life.

Do you still doubt that this change is possible?

Links to some of the transformational and collaborative projects that are already taking place can be found on the Projects page. Prepare to be inspired….