The One Project

Global values, Transformation of Human Consciousness

The One Project is about shared global values and transformation, and promotes collaborative, constructive and benevolent projects that benefit humanity across all cultures, faiths and belief systems.

It promotes a ‘zero-growth’ economic model through the efficient and effective use of resources to eliminate poverty and hunger.

The One Project points to the transformation of Human Consciousness for The Golden Age.


Living in a world guided by shared global values, benefiting all humanity and life on Earth.

Shared global values

Collaboration, Constructiveness and Benevolence – morality for the common good.
Key virtues: Commitment, Integrity, Passion, Compassion and Excellence.


The end of separation and conflict; virtuous thinking and actions in everything we do.

Reconnection with The One.

The Future

A world that is fit for our children and future generations cannot be based on sociological, economic or environmental imbalances. Fear, intolerance and hatred resulting from conflict are not sustainable, and not a part of the true nature of Human Beings.

Too many people on this borrowed and beautiful planet have existed on or below subsistence, with unnecessary suffering and untimely deaths from disease and malnutrition.

In addition , through over-heating the Earth’s atmosphere by adversely changing the carbon-cycle for animal life, current economic growth models and lack of technology sharing currently make the survival of Human Beings ultimately impossible. Click here for the reasons why.

The vision of The One Project is to create and live in a world guided by shared global values, benefiting all and One.

This will create a new beginning for Humanity, manifested by thinking and acting through the shared values of Collaboration, Constructiveness and Benevolence. This in turn creates a virtuous circle in everything Human Beings do, leading to the transformation of Human consciousness.

Development of a new global economic model that maintains a sustainable environment will also ensure the survival of Human Beings on Earth, ultimately creating a world on that is fit for future generations.

The other pages on web-site give recommended reading and inspirational resources for personal learning, the transformation of Human consciousness, and on collaborative, constructive and benevolent projects already taking place.

The Book of Life

by Stephen Ridley

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